Tedi Brunetti - singer, songwriter, drummer, bandleader

To say Tedi Brunetti has “seen everything” during her career in music would be a vast understatement. The drummer, singer and songwriter from Pittsburgh grew up listening to songs on a transistor radio while banging away on a hamper and old hat boxes. Describing herself as a “sober Janis Joplin meeting Steely Dan in Memphis,” it wasn’t long before Tedi was touring with New York City’s The Impalas, Toronto’s infamous B-Girls and performing with Isis’ Carol MacDonald before finally deciding to launch her solo career. 

Tedi wraps the psyche in luscious vocals. Each song charming and engaging you in an intimate conversation, as you forget she's singing, the story unfolds. Tedi balances her humorous observations and mature intention lyrically while she drives and defines the band from her drum throne. She may yet be the Queen of Pittsburgh! 

Tedi’s current music project is a full-length album titled Queen of Pittsburgh. It will feature a mix of songs ranging from blues shuffles to more eclectic originals clearly influenced by classic rock, jazz and blues. Queen of Pittsburgh is being produced by Dean Allen Sargent ( Public Enemy, Taylor Dayne, Blue Oyster Cult,) who also co-wrote some of the tracks and Michael Henegan (Sonny Rhodes, Lonnie Shields, Randy Lippincott).  The album is slated for a 2021 release and will be available on all major streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. Physical copies will be available for purchase via her official website.  

When she isn’t working on music, Tedi spends much of her time traveling, often visiting several major cities in one trip. She and her husband have hit the road to enjoy BBQ in hotspots like Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Austin and San Antonio. They are also fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers and Penguins and have traveled to see the teams play several road games over the years. Tedi loves to cook for her family, seeing herself as the “Italian grandma who cooks for all the holidays.”